Anthem of Affirmation

We are the Autistic people
Born into autistic bodies and brains
Celebrated by a global family of autistic people
Distant, but never having to be alone

Seeing the world through autistic eyes
Communicating through every way we can find
Moving in dances, paces, circuits, flails, and flaps
To regulate, to celebrate, and to thrive

Inheriting a legacy of resistance, survival, and prosperity
Reclaiming the world our Mother gave us
Climbing out of the cells that contained us
The jails, restraints, seclusion rooms, psych wards, segregated classes

Changing the world to meet our needs
Leading our communities to ensure all are included
Educating those that want to hear
The autistics speak over those who speak for us

Not sick or disordered
Not ill or infantile
Not divided by function
A people united by difference

There is no cure for who we are
No miracle potion to fix what’s different
You cannot fix what isn’t broken
Our natural brains and bodies

Play the call for all born autistic
To help build the world we need together
And let every one perform our anthem of pride
In the language we each have invented

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