About the Author

Christopher Whelan is an autistic social worker living and working in his home community of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. In 2013 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, and in 2017 he graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Calgary.

In July 2019 Christopher founded Neurodiversity YMM as a sharing circle and self-advocacy committee for neurodivergent self-advocates in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. In August 2019, Christopher established Fort McMurray’s local chapter of Autistics United Canada, Autistics United Fort McMurray – Cree, Dene, Dane-zaa, & Métis Territory. In December 2019 he wrote the first draft of The 95 Theses of Neurodiversity and after months of consultation with autistic self-advocates over social media, published The 95 Theses of Neurodiversity in April 2020. He is a regular contributor to Autism Canada’s Sharing the Spectrum newsletter, where he publishes articles advocating for autistic pride and acceptance of neurodiversity in society.

Christopher’s special interests include European history, East Asian pop culture, and the Neurodiversity movement. He shares his apartment with his three year old cat Kaguya, who he adopted in September 2017.