Sign the 95 Theses of Neurodiversity

By signing the 95 Theses of Neurodiversity, you agree:

1) The 95 Theses of Neurodiversity accurately represents the needs of neurodivergent people in society

2) To continuously use the 95 Theses of Neurodiversity as a guiding document to make changes in your community that benefit the well-being of neurodivergent people

Please list your name, e-mail (we will not release your e-mail to anybody), town/city, and please identify if you are:

1) a neurodivergent person
2) a caregiver of a neurodivergent person
3) a professional working within supports for neurodivergent people
4) an unaffiliated ally for neurodiversity

When you sign The 95 Theses of Neurodiversity, your name and location will be added to the document as a signature.

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